Greyhounds News · ALL Cheerleading Parent Meeting

JONES COUNTY CHEER will have their


Tuesday, March 13th at 6:30PM in the JCHS Auditorium

All cheerleaders interested in trying out must be present at the meeting with a parent to represent them. Please bring their insurance information and physical (if available).

TEAMS include:

MIDDLE SCHOOL COMPETITION CHEER: current 5th-7th graders

JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL CHEER: current 8th-10th graders

VARSITY FOOTBALL CHEER: current 8th-11th graders

VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEER: current 8th-11th graders

VARSITY COMPETITION CHEER: current 8th-11th graders


April 16th – 20th

(Contact if you have any questions)

YES the cheerleader and a parent must be at the meeting.

Tryout flyer