Greyhounds News · 2018-2019 Cheerleading Teams

Congratulations to all the athletes that made their team. Can’t wait for season to start!

Reminder:  Competition cheer meeting for all athletes and parents on Tuesday, April 24th at 6:30pm in the lunchroom

Spirit cheer meeting Monday, April 30th for all Athletes at 3:45 in the lunchroom

Spirit parent and athlete meeting Monday, April 30th at 6pm in the lunchroom

Varsity Competition Cheer Middle School Competition Cheer Varsity Football Cheer JV Football Cheer Varsity Basketball Cheer
O1 B4 P2 G1 P4
O2 B5 P3 G5 P6
O5 B6 P4 G8 P9
O6 B8 P5 G10 P38
O7 B9 P6 G11 P39
O8 B15 P9 G16 P42
O10 B16 P20 G17 G17
O12 B19 P25 G18 G20
O13 B20 P26 G20 G22
O16 B25 P27 G28 G23
O18 B26 P28 G29 G25
O20 B29 P29 G32 G35
O22 B34 P31 G33 G40
B35 P38 G34 G42
B38 P39 G40 G45
B40 P42 G42 G48
P43 G43 G55
P49 G45 G68
G2 G48
G4 G54
G6 G55